The Purpose of this Literature Blog

WELCOME FELLOW LIT GEEKS! The purpose is mostly because I wanted to. I received my degree and found I missed the classroom discussions on literature. So I thought I would generate some on my own, minus the pressure of being in a class I am hoping to pass.
I have added tabs of favorite literature and will add more. Feel free and encouraged to join in or just start a discussion. I will be posting my thoughts, like the genius of Tolkien, under the Tolkien Tab. Irish Literature, Latin American short stories, and many more will have my ideas about them and hopefully yours too. Or if you have your own favorite head to the Random tab, as I am always into something new.
Also under the tab Writing With Wolves, you will find snippets of my own writing, and I would be pleased to hear what you think about them. My free-lance writing aside, like most writers I want to publish. In my case fiction of various sorts. All that is left to say is again…WELCOME FELLOW LIT GEEKS!