Good day fellow book geeks….

I am planning on getting Stephen King’s new book, Doctor Sleep, soon and was wondering what people are thinking about King writing a sequel to one of his classics.

I am sure he receives many requests for continuing much loved stories, but I am a little split on whether it was something he needed to do. I think that many books are, stand alone, leave them as they ended sort of stories.

Sequels are all the rage in the literature world as well as other forms of entertainment, (T.V. movies, etc.), and it sometimes seems that writers of various forms are running out of ideas, or publisher’s are looking for a sure thing with a built in fan base. I do not think this applies to King though, because he has proven he has plenty of ideas and stories to keep going in any direction he wants. Not to mention, with his track record I doubt the publishers spend to much time telling him what to do. If they do, I doubt he listens when it comes to stories ideas, he knows what he is doing.
Like I said though, I will be reading Doctor Sleeps so maybe that answers my split on whether he should have done it or not.

It also just occurred to me he probably does not need my help in making these decisions either. 🙂



What do you think?

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