Happy Saturday!

A little while ago a friend of mine made a comment that he did not enjoy books written by woman. He said they read “differently and are not the same”. That thought has plagued me because I never noticed. To me a good writer is a good writer. I have read many books from both genders, and it seems to me that there are an equal amount of bad and good in both. I recently read that more than a few Universities tend to dismiss, or not discuss at all, woman writers. Fortunately, the college I recently finished my Lit degree at, Marylhurst University, did not have that problem. In fact, most of my Lit teachers were woman. So I never noticed beyond a few comments from fellow students. Having become aware of this problem, I have decided to add a tab for discussion of woman writers where we can talk everyone from Margery Kempe and Julian of Norwich to Anne McCaffrey and Barbara Hambly. I will be putting that up shortly with further thoughts on woman writers in general, and those I have read and completely enjoyed, there are many I have enjoyed. Please let me know what you think.

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