Reading for the pleasure of it!

I had a dilemma two days ago when I could not decide what to read in my spare time. (What I have of it). Being recently finished with school it is strange to not have required reading to do. It threw me for awhile. I was going to do my yearly reading of Lord of The Rings, no surprise, but then I was reminded of another series I could relax into.

I recently joined Goodreads and a group there called Dumbledorks caught my attention, and I decided that yep, it was time to re-read the Harry Potter series. It is completely entertaining, and there is always something more around the next bend. Another road, or secret gate perhaps. I just finished the first book and will be starting the second and so far it is as much fun as I anticipated. For those who have read the series, what are your favorite parts? Hearing others opinions always freshens the perspective, if you know what I mean. As much as I enjoy new books, (I am looking at the new Stephen King next), the pleasure of an old book is like the pleasure of visiting with an old friend. Agree?

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