Those Who Hunt the Night

A frightening vampire story by Barbara Hambly that has a touch of realism which makes it all the more creepy. “Spoiler alert”. Set in 1907 England a man is hired to find out who is killing the Vampires of London. A threat against a loved one is sufficient to get him working for the Vampires, and so he hunts whoever is killing them during the day. Those who Hunt the Night is an intriguing look at what vampirism could scientifically be, yet this does not take the story out of the horror genre. It still remains one of my go to books for this season. Or any other when a good scare is what the doctor ordered.

There is a scene where they visit a crypt in underground Paris. It is the place where victims bodies of the Black Plague were dumped long ago. If that does not satisfy you taste for unnerving, you may need to see a doctor, because something is wrong with you.

Have you read this? Would you like to?


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