The scary side of Lord of the Rings

Most people think about The Lord of the Rings, by J.R.R. Tolkien and think of; war, good against evil, poetry in prose. Remember, however, Tolkien managed to create some incredibly shiver worthy scenes in his masterpiece.

The cries of the Nazgul, Ringwaiths if you will. These can bring chills down the spine and a glance at a darkened window to make sure you didn’t actually see a shadow there. Or did you?

For those who have issues with spiders, (myself included), Shelob, the horrific giant spider, in caves smelling of rotting corpses, moving her bulk toward Frodo, will sound off your warning bells and make you wonder was that your hair that brushed you neck or something more sinister.

Tolkien’s genius was such that amongst the grandeur and joy within Lord of the Rings, there is the darker side that makes you shiver and start at shadows in the most wonderful of ways.

How many times have you been creeped out by scenes in these wonderful books?

Do spiders bother you too?


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