The Classic Dracula…Thank you Bram Stoker…

What better way to finish off a Halloween series than with the classic Dracula. There really is nothing to compare that has came out since. Vampire legends are in every country in the world and go as far back as recorded history, but Stoker took the European legends and solidified them into something that has been causing chills and thrills ever since. Many have tried to duplicate, spin off, or even completely change the legends of the vampire, (looking at you Twilight), but none have succeeded in the pure thrills and shivers that Stoker did with his masterpiece.

Whether it is in the beginning when Harker realizes he is a virtual prisoner in Dracula’s castle, or the final show down with the monster, the writing is such that you are there with the characters, experiencing the fear and loathing that they are.

Stoker uses the vintage style of diary entries/letters to tell his tale of horror and it is a favorite style of mine as a reader. Diaries and letters are personal things and there is privileged feeling of being allowed to read a personal writing of such importance. You know you are reading fiction, of course, but the personal touch of the journal style still has that effect. This style also enhances the feeling, mentioned above, of being there with the characters described. It is a wonderful way to make the story inclusive to the reader that is part of why this wonderful book has such impact and staying power in the world. As the saying goes, “often imitated, never duplicated.”

Thank you Bram Stoker!

Have you read it? What did you think?

Have you not read it? Why not? Scared? You should be…


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