Thankful for Books, and the writers who write them



Dragonflight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anne McCaffrey is one of the great sci-fi writers around and has been so since I was a kid. Her Dragon riders of Pern series is one of the great examples of a writer creating a whole world and culture that is a delightful place to visit. Starting with Dragonflight, Dragonquest and The White Dragon, she builds a world that is rich and exciting. Pern is full of believable characters and a dynamic story to keep a reader interested and invested.

Interestingly enough, the first time I read it I was thirteen years old or so, and I thought it was a fantasy story. I mean it had dragons, right? Over the first three books, however, you become aware there is something else going on, and despite what some reviewers might think, there is a difference between science fiction and fantasy. They are two distinctly different genre’s.

Anyway I was hooked with the first book and have been enjoying the series ever since. There are now many different books that encompass many different characters and I would encourage anyone looking to find a new series to read, pick up Dragonflight. You will not be sorry you did.

Have you read them?



8 thoughts on “Thankful for Books, and the writers who write them

    • I had heard there was talk into it but that was years ago. I haven’t seen anything since. It is one of those series that would be hard to do right so I am not sure if I would want to see it on film. On the one hand it would be really cool if they got it right, or really frustrating if they got it wrong. I can say I would go see it if someone tried.
      Thanks for the post…


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