Thankful for books, because the movies can almost never do the job…

There are many adaptations of books to movies. Some movies come close while others should not share the same title as the book they claim to reproduce. There are many I could go on about Stephen King books, Tolkien books but the one I wanted to mention was one where I saw the movie first and enjoyed it enough to read the book. Then I no longer enjoyed the movie because it had so destroyed a wonderful book.
I am talking about Eragon, by Christopher Paolini. It is the first in the 4 book series the Inheritance Cycle. Without too many spoilers, it is epic in scope with a far reaching storyline involving several races, and magics, as well as dragons, politics and war. I enjoyed them immensely and was  happy the movie did not do well enough to continue the series in film. Heck they left out a whole race of people from the book.

I believe if it is not broke, do not fix it. There are many wonderful books that have been “re-imagined” when the original story would have been more than appropriate. If a book is popular enough to warant a film being made, it makes no sense to change it. That will just mess with the built in fan base. I can only imagine how I would have originally thought of the movie Eragon if I had read the book first. My condolences to the fans and Christopher Paolini.

Do you have books that were made into movies that drove you nuts?


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