Thankfull for books! Always keep one handy, they are a must have at all times.

There are many reasons to be thankful for books. Excitement, drama, education, enlightenment, and also they are the great sanity saver. Have you ever been in the doctors office and had to wait? Of course, that was rhetorical, because we all have. Getting you oil changed? The DMV? (shudder). Have you ever tried to read the dog eared, two year old magazines that are kept in these places. Except the DMV, they just have informational flyers and pamphlets. Yet if you are stuck there you will inevitably end up reading them. (shudder). These are the reasons I always try and make sure I have a book in reach. Sure I could use my phone and go to Facebook and see what my friends had for lunch, or what politician pissed them off today. I do not really care though, anyway it is a toss up whether the DMV pamphlets are more entertaining or not.

So I always have a book handy. That way, instead of listening to the mechanic tell someone they need more work than they came in for, or listen to the other patients talk about whatever is going on in their life, I can take a little trip. Maybe visit France in the Dickens The Tale of Two Cities. Or perhaps go to Pern, or Middle Earth, or a thousand other places that are far more entertaining than the above mentioned alternatives. There is also the added bonus of how time is different when you are reading. It goes much faster, and before you know it, your car is done, or it is your turn at the DMV, or the doctors. In fact it goes to fast sometimes and you are caught in the middle of something good when your name is called.That is annoying, but not near as maddening as it would have been without the wonderful distraction of the book of your choice.

What do books distract you from?

English: A photograph of the table of contents...

English: A photograph of the table of contents in The Writings of Charles Dickens volume 20, A Tale of Two Cities. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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