Thankful for Books! The main reason I opened this blog…


Conversation (Photo credit: Peter Nijenhuis)



Discussion, discussion, discussion. That is the main reason I  started this blog. I learned in school that discussion with other parties interested in literature can be almost as good as the reading experience itself. There will always be different opinions and views that you may not have noticed, and if you keep an opened mind, you can learn from.


Think about those people who, on first read of the Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, only saw the horror of children’s deaths, and killings. Perhaps in discussion with others they realized the social, economic, and cultural aspects of the world of the book. Perhaps then they found the book more interesting and even did a re-read to see what they may have missed. This does happen all the time, and no matter if opinions are made, or broken, it is a good thing. Discussion is part of the learning process, and it is the part that makes learning fun as opposed to work.


In my case I can remember an incident where a friend and I were discussing the Lord of the Rings, (big surprise there), and he said that he believed the character Tom Bombadil was perhaps the “God” of the Middle Earth mythology. I had not heard that one before and it made me think more about it. Yes, I know, only real Tolkien geeks get into discussions of this sort, but the point is, I had to re-analyze and think from a different direction than before. That is the important part of discussions, whether about universal health care or Tom Bombadil. You have to be able to come at things from all sides to appreciate and understand them. Personally I am still not sold on old Bombadil being God. Maybe I need to do another read to look into it again. It is far more complicated than universal health care



Anyway, let us discuss this. Have you had a learning experience from book discussion? Come on, fess up.



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