Thankful for Books-Even E-Books? Yes…

English: Open book icon

English: Open book icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even though I do not take part in the reading by computer, (unless for work), I have to say, if it keeps people reading, go for it. Originally I was not a fan of the devices or even the idea. I am a book man.

By that I mean an actual book. Real cover, real pages, where you actually have to turn the page, not touch a screen. I am not comfortable with that screen form of digital media. I have spent far to much of my life with a book in my hand, or in my pack, or in the car, or just somewhere nearby. It is what I do. I have come to realize however, that if that is how people want to get there reading intake, good for them, they are still reading. Hopefully something entertaining, enlightening, adventurous, tear-jerking, or just plain relaxing. The same stories told between the covers of traditional books can be found in most digital arena’s. If not, just wait, it will not be long.

For those like me, do not despair. Traditional books are not going away. I had a friend tell me ten years ago that books would be a dead medium in five years. It will never happen, because there are enough of us young and old who appreciate the qualities of a book opposed to a tablet. The giant  book store chains are going away, and that is fine with me in most cases. The book industry will just have to restructure how they do things. Hell, the music industry still sells vinyl! Once publishers figure out the new market and act accordingly, things will even out, and both sides of the e-book argument will  be satisfied.

Although for those who have everything on e-books beware. In case of a power outage, your friends with old school books may charge you to read them. It is only fair.


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