Thankful for Books, based on television and movies…

English: Logo from the television program Star...

English: Logo from the television program Star Trek: TOS (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can, and have complained about movies not living up to the book they are based on. It is a common occurrence that happens far to frequently. Books made from movies/television, is an entirely different thing. With adaptations from movies to books, the original can be enhanced. They are usually based on the screenplays the movies are made from so it will fill in gaps that may have been in the movies due to edits. As long as the writer has a good grasp on the characters, the book will be a fun ride.

Adaptations from television shows are even better. Again, the writer needs a good grasp on the character’s, (most writers who write these are fans of the shows so that helps.) and with that you can read new adventures and drama from beloved character’s. It is a win win. Star Trek has many books adapted from the shows that are amazing adventures that follow the cannon. The X-Files also has a few that build off of the show. Hercules, Xena, Doctor Who, they all have book series based on the show that are fantastic. So if you are looking for something new from an old favorite, try these adaptations. It is well worth your time and can bring further enjoyment from shows you have always loved.


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