The Desolation of Smaug: Rant 1

When The Lord of the Rings came out I was amazed and pleased. There were only a few plot points changed, but the feel of the movie was the feel of the books. Previous to those movies I had been sure The Lord of the Rings could not be done correctly in movie form. So I had high hopes for The Hobbit. Unfortunately, instead of just a few plot points changed, they only kept a few plot points and changed the rest. (That is an exaggeration, but not a big one.) I will only go over a few of the really big ones in this review, (rant?)

Azog the orc. In the book The Hobbit, he was only mentioned a few times. In a description of the history of Thorin’s family and at the end when Azog’s son showed up at Erabor for the battle. The reason for this is that Azog was killed by Thorin’s cousin Dain many years, chronologically, before the events in The Hobbit take place. Azog was not even alive for Thorin and Companies adventures! As for the orcs chasing the company shortly after the run in with the trolls? Never happened in the book. (Or the appendixes in The Lord of the Rings.)They were not being hunted from the word go.  They left Bag End and then ran into the Trolls, and then made it to Rivendell. All of that took little time in the book. The only time they were hunted was after they escaped the Goblin King under the Misty Mountians. They certainly were not chased by orcs in their escape from the elves prison in Mirkwood. That too never happened.

When I heard that Legolas was in the movie version of The Hobbit, I thought that could be conceivable since he is a Prince of Mirkwood so he might have been there. Instead of just being there he is a part of a lovers triangle with Tauriel and Fili, the dwarf. Seriously? I know Hollywood thinks every movie needs a love affair, but seriously? I do not have a problem when changes have to be made for movies, it happens, and mostly it can be ignored. This though is fairly extreme. I will have one last complaint tomorrow and finish up my little rant. I have been holding it in for a long time, thanks for letting me get it out.

Until then,


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