Do what you love to do!

I have been picking up a few more clients for my writing business recently and having a blast doing it. The fun in writing for different blogs and companies is the sheer variety that comes with the job. Automotive, trending news, entertainment and even health and wellness. I learn something new everyday and still get to write at the same time. It doesn’t get much better than that does it? I originally went back to school at such a late age, (early forties), to build my skills for a profession I could enjoy and feel satisfied doing. Who knew it would work out that way?

So for those of you thinking of going back to school, or are in the process of schooling, or just thinking of getting a new career, find something you love to do. We all have those things we enjoy doing, hobbies and such. Most of which have marketable possibilities. Find what yours is and work towards that. It is hard and takes patience and perseverance, boy howdy does it! You will find that it was worth it. I still have a ways to go but I can see it coming and it brings a wonderful excited feeling of satisfaction. At forty eight years old I have never felt that from a job before. Pretty cool.

Some people say it is too much of a risk to just go off on a lark like that. My answer to that I would rather risk than regret not trying. We all gather regrets in our lives, it is unavoidable, being human and all. I was determined that not trying my best at what I love to do would not be a regret of mine.

Anyone else trying, or not trying?