Latin American Literature

I am a huge fan of Latin American literature, especially the short stories. Alejo Carpentier, Juan Rulfo, Julio Cortazar and Jorges Luis Borges to name a few.

Meat by Virgilio Pinera, was the one that really made me go wow! It is a story of a village turning to cannibalism to support their diet. Slicing off a buttocks here and there, taking it further and further until people were disappearing, yet this did not worry them because they still had meat. It reminds me of Jonathon Swifts, Modest Proposal, (eating poor children to help the economy), and that was considered the greatest example of sustained irony in literature. I think Meat can be ranked up there with it. It is an obviously over the top example of a society causing great harm to themselves while believing they are doing what is necessary and right. Both grotesque yet extremely well done in making the point. Entertaining too.





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