Firefly will not be back, we need to get used to that idea.



Joss Whedon’s Firefly is arguably one of the most beloved sci-fi shows ever to be broadcast on television. I saw another article yesterday on how it needs to be brought back. People have been writing articles on the subject for years and it has not happened yet. Let’s face it people, however badly we want it; it is not going to happen.

Now fan demands managed to get a movie made, Serenity, yet sadly that did not spark a return of the show. Whedon and the cast have all stated they would love to do it, it is as beloved by them as much as the rest of us fans. Yet it still has not happened. I do not believe that studios are real keen on the idea. It is their loss but we have a long history of studios and their decisions on what stays and what goes and it is a depressing history. It has been almost 12 years since the show went off the air and that presents an even bigger problem.

Joss Whedon has finally been recognized by Hollywood for his genius and that means he is now in very high demand for extremely big money projects. He is getting to create things his way and that has to feel good for him. This also means he is most likely booked solid for the next ten years and fitting in Firefly, which is not of much interest to the studio suites, would be as uphill a battle as ever.

The cast have moved on as well. Nathan Fillion has his show Castle, so even if he would come running when Whedon called, he has contractual obligations. So do others from the original cast. This too makes it highly unlikely that a reboot is possible at this point. They all loved the show but they all have moved on by economic necessity. They cannot be blamed for that any more than the people who want to see it back on the air can be blamed for that desire. It was an amazing show in all respects. I would attempt actual back flips if the show was to come back with all hands on deck. Let’s face it though, it is not coming back, and I won’t be doing flips.

So let us rejoice in the show that was and all the smiles and excitement it brought. Firefly deserves that.

So do us fans.