Writing With Wolves Writes 2

I  woke up this morning thinking of a cat and had to write about it and get to know it. It kind of flew into left field from there. That is ok though since I like left field. It is my kind of place.

The Cat

Five year old Ginny went out on the balcony, hoping to see the cat. She missed her brother Timmy, but according to her mom and dad he would not be coming home from the hospital, they were inside talking softly and crying. Timmy had loved the cat though, and always told her he was a fairy from a green land of fun and plenty. She wasn’t sure, because if it came from a fairy place, why was it fighting all the time?

She heard a thump and saw the cat had come down off the roof to the railing, and was walking slowly along it. He was pretty scarred up with missing patches of fur and one eye, red and swollen. She watched as it carefully sat near where she stood and regarded her silently. Then she couldn’t help it, she whispered to him about her brother. How he was not going to be coming back, and that she was sad. The cat’s one good eye seemed to mist over, and the animal nodded his beat up face. She liked it that he agreed with her and was sad too. They looked at each other in silence for a long time, sharing their mutual sorrow. Then the cat jerked and raised a leg, scratching his neck. He almost fell off the railing, and stationed himself in a more stable position. He finished scratching then licked his paw, and Ginny noticed he was missing a few claws.

Poor cat, Ginny thought. He was old and she suddenly knew he would not be coming back, like Timmy. She knew too that he would be going to a place green and fun. Maybe he would see Timmy there. She said goodbye to him and he nodded again, and she asked him to say hi to Timmy. The cat nodded again and got up to move along the railing. Ginny went back inside, feeling a little better, convinced Timmy was someplace fun, not at the hospital.


Silleria walked painfully along the railing and with a few hops made it to the ground with a groan and a hiss. She was not as young as she had been when she came to this world. She knew her time was up. She made it over to the big green box she always liked to sleep on and looked up at it.

It was a long way up.

She backed up a few feet and with a run and leap she got her remaining claws on the rim, and scrambled her way to the top. Panting she curled up on top and was satisfied. She was satisfied that her adventures in this world were over. She had experienced wondrous things, but it was time to go. She was satisfied in those she had met, and was looking forward to seeing Timmy when she got home. He deserved to play in the green and fun. Silleria felt sad for the little human girl, but also felt she would be fine in the end. She closed her eyes and sighed as her breathing slowed, against her lids there was a brightening light and she smiled, knowing soon all would be green and fun in the land of fairy once again.

As the sun rose the garbage truck pulled up to the curb and Frank jumped out as it stopped. He immediately saw the dead cat on top of the can and grimaced. It was going to be one of those days.

Thoughts? Comments? Critiques?


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