Writing With Wolves Writes 3

I wanted to show some more of my writing and I have always loved this section from a fantasy story I have long played with. So here it is, barely edited but good nonetheless, I think.


            I crossed the clearing to where the trail continued down into the valley. Full dark and the end of the day had come. Looking around I saw the clearing would be the perfect place to stop for the night. Unfortunately I had some ways to go yet and stopping for the night was not an option. Looking around once more I saw a log off to the right and decided stopping for a little while to rest was an option however, so I moved over to the seat nature provided. I let the pack slide from my shoulders and sat with a sigh.

Looking out over the valley, I watched the landscape light up more as the last of the clouds drifted away. The ethereal light caused the valley’s river to sparkle with the radiance of diamonds. It ran from the south to the north, or left to right from where I was sitting, curving towards me and then away into the northwest. The dark shadows and shapes of the trees became grey, or silver depending on what was reflecting the light. The leaves of the trees sparkled only slightly less than the jewel like river, but with a hint of blue in its color. I heard the faint sound of leaves rustling that grew louder as did the sigh of a breeze causing it. My hair blew lightly across the lower part of my face but I was too enchanted by my surroundings to care. As the rustling proof of nature’s breath receded, I turned to look up over my shoulder at the moon.

The crescent shape had a silver sparkle to it that I always loved. Like a child I wanted to hang something on it, for luck maybe. I knew the trouble I had left behind, and the trouble I was moving toward, so a little luck would not hurt. I continued staring up at that beautiful light that was a symbol for so many things and to so many people, unable to look away. Slowly I let my gaze move across the sky, now marveling at the stars. They were beautiful and brilliant, spread out across the heavens. They became brighter and more numerous as I watched and I could feel a smile spread across my face.

I decided suddenly that neither the troubles ahead nor the troubles behind were important at that moment because they were not here. I however was, and perhaps that was the luck I had thought about, surrounded as I was by a beauty and serenity that defies imagination unless you could see and feel it. Yes, I thought, this was the important thing. Moments like these could be rare and I was not going to waste it. I heard a second sigh and the leaves rustled and my hair fluttered again, almost in agreement with my thoughts. Not almost, I thought to myself frivolously, the breeze was in agreement. There was no one around to argue the point so I went with it. It felt good to just sit, relax and think frivolous thoughts. It was good for the soul. At least it was good for my soul.

I looked back down at the valley and followed the sparkling river with my eyes to where it ran into the horizon, meeting the twinkling of the stars.  Did the sparkling diamonds of the water contribute to the twinkling lights in the sky, emptying into the vastness of space to provide me with light and wonder? I laughed softly thinking, why not. My hair fluttered and I figured that was agreement too. I stretched knowing that if anyone asked what I did this night, I would tell him or her I had spoken to the wind about the flooding of the sky. There would be those who would say “she is too old to act so childish.”

I would tell them it was their loss.

If I take care of my responsibilities then I could be as childish as I wanted in between times. That too was good for the soul. Speaking of responsibilities, I stood and stretched one last time and shouldered my pack. I looked around the clearing and up at the moon one last time. I nodded and turned, moving down the trail, checking my sword with a sigh.


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